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Every woman’s path is so very different and we’re with you for the journey. We’re here for life.

At Parkside, we believe in generational care for all ages and backgrounds for women to feel healthy and empowered.
Our practice was born from a desire to bring a more genuine, personal approach to women’s health. So often, patients are lumped into “one-size-fits-all” care plans that don’t address each person's specific needs. Our practice celebrates the uniqueness of each woman, allowing us to bring our full focus back to you, the individual. We set aside the time to spend with you on a personal level, to hear your needs and address your concerns. And our team works hard so that you get world-class care every time you’re here.
From our very beginning, we have aspired to be more than an ordinary OB-GYN practice. We strive to be a partner in your health and we're honored that you would consider inviting us along for your journey.

Piece of heart for your peace of mind.

To be successful, you need the loving, caring support of people surrounding you who invest their time and attention in you. Because of this, we’ve brought relational care to the forefront.
Before any diagnosis or treatment is prescribed, our first priority is the one-on-one personal time with you building that relationship of trust and honor. There is so much more that goes into your health and care than just a medical prognosis or wellness checkup. Our heart is to serve first with love and compassion and recognize you as a person, not just your medical needs.

You are special

Every patient is unique and requires a tailored approach to health based on their specific situation. At Parkside, we're committed to providing each individual with personalized care across our broad array of services. Every woman has a different story, so we're here to make certain that your care plan is crafted to reflect your needs — to put you first, no matter what.

Meet Parkside

Our Providers

Dr. Batson

Meet Dr. Ryan Batson

Dr. Ryan BatsonM.D.

Dr. Ryan Batson is originally from Columbia, SC, and attended the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Greenville, SC. For Dr. Batson, the best part of practicing OBGYN is being able to care for patients throughout different seasons of life. And doing so in a variety of areas – from pregnancy care to medical/surgical management to preventative care. A fun fact about Dr. Batson – if he was choosing a karaoke song to sing, it would definitely be something by Dave Matthews Band!

Meet Dr. Meredith Chardukian

Dr. Meredith ChardukianM.D.

Dr. Meredith Chardukian is originally from Greenville, SC. She attended the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) followed by a residencies at University of Texas Southwestern and Parkland Hospital. Dr. Chardukian felt a calling to serve women, and loves providing individualized care to each patient and empowering them through shared decision making. A fun fact about Dr. Chardukian – her go-to karaoke song is 'No Scrubs' by TLC.

Dr. Chen Hoopes

Meet Dr. Judy Chen Hoopes

Dr. Judy Chen HoopesM.D.

Dr. Judy Chen attended the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. For Dr. Chen, her favorite part of practicing OB-GYN is delivering babies, gynecological surgeries, and getting to know patients throughout their visits. She loves that OB-GYN's are the only surgeons that get to remove something good from a patient: a baby! A fun fact about Dr. Chen – if she was choosing a karaoke song to sing, it would be anything from a Broadway musical or Disney.

Dr. Hill

Meet Dr. Jason Hill

Dr. Jason HillD.O.

Dr. Jason Hill is originally from Birmingham, Alabama (Ohio born!) and attended Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM). Dr. Hill considers it an honor to serve women throughout the entirety of life and be the type of physician they can trust through the highs and lows. One of the highlights of practicing OBGYN for Dr. Hill is being able to live out his passion for empowering women through patient education, counseling, and preventative medicine. A fun fact about Dr. Hill - if he was choosing a karaoke song to sing, it would be a Boyz II Men song!


Meet Kim Hudson

Kim HudsonFNP-BC

Kim claims Texas as her childhood home but has lived in Greenville for over twenty years. She has been teaching OB clinical at Clemson since 2018 and received her FNP from Clemson as well. With experience as a labor and delivery nurse, Kim loves to see women begin their journey as a mother. That said, Kim is passionate about all things women’s health and is excited to expand her knowledge base in the field as a provider at Parkside OB-GYN. A few fun facts about Kim-she’s a strong advocate for savory snacks over sweet treats and would choose any 90’s pop country song when singing karaoke.

Dr. Kline

Meet Dr. Kelly Kline

Dr. Kelly KlineM.D.

Dr. Kelly Kline is originally from Ohio and attended The University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Her favorite aspect of OBGYN care is being able to be a safe and calm place for patients to come with concerns, questions, emergencies, or celebrations. Dr. Kline finds that getting to be involved in some of the most intimate moments of people’s lives is truly a gift. A fun fact about Dr. Kline – if she was choosing a karaoke song to sing, it would definitely be a Taylor Swift song!


Meet Hali Neely

Hali NeelyFNP-C, IBCLC

Hali Neely graduated from Anderson University as a Master’s-prepared, board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner credentialed by the ANCC. Originally from Westminster, SC, Hali spent much of her childhood exploring the outdoors and enjoying her home’s surrounding nature. Hali is no stranger to the Parkside family as she worked at the Breastfeeding Center of Greenville before pivoting to working primarily in women’s health. The opportunity to encourage and empower women is what drew Hali to OBGYN and her primary goal is to lift up her patients wherever they may be in life’s journey. Hali is a proud Enneagram 4 and her current go-to karaoke song is “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and The Heart.

Dr. Romeo

Meet Dr. Laura Romeo

Dr. Laura RomeoDPT

Dr. Romeo graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Originally from Greenville, SC, Dr. Romeo spends her free time with her husband and 3 children biking the Swamp Rabbit or hiking on Paris Mountain. Dr. Romeo was led to practice obstetric and postpartum physical therapy after recognizing a need throughout her own pregnancies of those of her friends. Her favorite part of practicing obstetric physical therapy is empowering women with knowledge about their bodies and promoting healthy healing in early postpartum. If she gets the courage to sing karaoke, her song would be When We Were Young by Adele. Dr. Romeo will offer obstetric physical therapy services to our postpartum patients at Patewood Hospital.


Meet Jenni Singletary

Jenni SingletaryFNP-C

Jenni Singletary is originally from Texas and became a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Master’s of Science in Nursing through The University of Texas at Arlington. Her favorite part of practicing OBGYN is being able to come alongside women and help empower and strengthen them in their health and all aspects of life. She finds it an honor to be entrusted with helping moms navigate pregnancy and getting to play a part in such a special season of new life in their family. A fun fact about Jenni – if she was choosing a karaoke song to sing, it would be “Foolish Games” by Jewel!


Meet Katarina Stewart

Katarina StewartPA-C

Katarina Stewart attended the North Greenville University Physician Assistant School. For Katarina, her favorite part of practicing OB-GYN is how relational it is. She loves the conversations she can have with patients to listen and provide for their personal needs. A fun fact about Katarina – if she was choosing a karaoke song to sing, it would be Taylor Swift of Ben Rector.


Meet Kathryn Walker

Kathryn WalkerFNP-C

Kathryn Walker is originally from Dallas, Texas and became a Family Nurse Practitioner through the University of Alabama at Birmingham. One of the highlights of OBGYN care for Kathryn is being able to walk alongside patients during some of the most vulnerable times in their life. A fun fact about Kathryn - if she was choosing a karaoke song to sing, it would be "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" by Shania Twain.

Dr. White

Meet Dr. Drew White

Dr. Drew WhiteM.D.

Dr. Andrew White is originally from Cheraw, SC. He attended the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia. His favorite part of practicing OBGYN is helping give women a better quality of life, whether that is through preventing an unnecessary cesarean delivery, managing heavy menstrual bleeding, getting to the root of pelvic pain, or relieving menopausal symptoms. A fun fact about Dr. White – if he was choosing a karaoke song to sing, it would be “Islands in the Stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton!

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